Meet the “People First” Team

At Sky Search Partners we love putting people to work—that’s why our founder started the firm.

We’ve developed a rigorous process for engaging, researching and connecting with future talent. We deploy precision focus on talent identification aligned to search specifications. Sky Search Partners has developed a process of identifying the top tier of talent across key disciplines and industry job titles, enabling us to create a “dream team” pool across national markets and segments we serve.

Rick Cassidy

President and Founder

  • My Personal Brand
    Driven. Passionate. Partner.
  • Favorite Quotes
    “The formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.” – J. Paul Getty
    “If your word is no good, nothing else matters.” – Rick Cassidy
  • Favorite Interview Question
    Do you love to win more than you hate to lose, or do you hate to lose more than you love to win? Why?
  • When I’m Having Fun
    I’m traveling with my wife and son or playing golf with my family and friends at my mountain home.
  • What’s Important to Me
    My family and friends. I place a high value on creating a positive environment for our family, centered on love, respect, honesty, discipline, hard work, fun, laughter, celebration, life experiences and giving back to our community.

Rebecca Siesco

Director of Recruiting

  • My Personal Brand
    Dedicated. Perseverant. Dependable.
  • Why I LOVE My Work
    I love changing candidates’ lives by placing them in fantastic companies and I love helping the success of clients by placing the top talent with them. 
  • My Favorite Quote
    “Speed and placement is the key to our success!” – Rick Cassidy
  • What’s Important to Me
    My family and friends. Creating a loving environment to raise my 3 children centered around kindness, hard work, compassion, honesty, respect, fun, laughter and teaching them to enjoy life.   
  • When I’m Having Fun
    I’m spending time with my husband and 3 kids.  

Colleen Valenzuela

Search Consultant


  • My Personal Brand
    Diligent. Perceptive. Curious.
  • Why I LOVE My Work
    I enjoy the challenge of finding the right fit for everyone involved, candidate and client.
  • Favorite Quote
    “Be the designer of your own destiny.” – Oscar de la Renta
  • When I’m Having Fun
    I’m spending time with my husband and our 2 children, living in the moment and appreciating the simple things.
  • What People Don’t Know About Me
    I lived in the East Village in NYC for 15 years and worked as an editor for fashion magazines.