Our six-step “people first” process ensures a better fit.

Speed-to-placement is key to our mutual success.

We’ve developed a rigorous process for engaging, researching and connecting with future talent. We deploy precision focus on talent identification aligned to search specifications. We’ve developed a process of identifying the top tier of talent across key disciplines and industry job titles, enabling us to create a “dream team” pool across national markets and segments we serve. This means you select from a short list of only the most qualified candidates for you strategic positions.

Tell Us Your Needs

  • Establish a Recruiting Partnership
    This is where it all begins as we get to know each other, better understand your organization’s overall strategic goals and culture, and share our relevant background and experience that will help contribute to your success.
  • Schedule an Intake Session
    This is where we get the ball rolling on your specific immediate needs, timing, and gathering information to get results quickly.
  • Integrate Your Key Documents in the Process
    We’ll establish an approach that works within your organizations’ framework for recruitment and talent management.

The Search Starts

  • Develop Search Plan
    Upon the completion of the client intake session, the Sky Search Partners team develops a comprehensive Search Plan. This plan serves as the blueprint for our team of researchers and recruiters. They will cast a large net across a broad talent pool to generate interest in the position. Then we narrow down this pool to find the best talent in the market specific to the organizations’ needs.
  • Conduct Candidate Research
    Our recruiters begin to match up potential talent to the perfect profile that we created from the intake process. Our goal is to generate a large candidate pool within the first 24 – 72 hours of the intake session.

We Handle Initial Screenings

  • Conduct Initial Candidate Interviews
    Based on our research, Sky Search Partners recruiters will select candidates for an initial telephone screening. The screenings are typically completed during a 45 – 60-minute initial interview that includes a comprehensive discussion of the candidates’ resume and background. Once our recruiters have interviewed several candidates, they begin the natural process of force ranking them in preparation for presenting only the top talent to our clients.
  • Conduct Secondary Behavioral Interviews
    Based on the scope and complexity of a search, we may administer a second series of interviews focused on understanding how previous behaviors have led to performance outcomes. These custom behavioral questions are derived from what we learn and understand as the priorities for the position from our intake session. Examples of areas of focus may include change management, translating vision into action, strategy, leadership.

We Present You with Candidates

  • Submit Candidates for Client Review
    Sky Search Partners will present a panel of candidates to the hiring leader(s). This panel will be force ranked based on the perfect profile for our client’s position, culture, and company. Each candidates’ comprehensive summary will include their background and experience, qualifications, compensation history and requirements, and most important, why we believe he/she is a good potential fit. We will again customize this experience based on our clients’ request. We can email the documents, to include candidate resumes, and/or have a phone discussion to review in more detail. Our recruiters are readily available to answer any questions, and/or gather additional data that our client may request during their review of the material.

We Support You in Next Steps

  • Schedule Interviews with Hiring Team
    The Sky Search Partners team will move quickly at our client’s direction on how to best schedule the interviews. Typically, we will schedule the interviews with all approved candidates at times convenient for the hiring leader(s) – yet accessible from the candidates’ perspective. Our preferred approach is to send an electronic invite through our scheduling system to the candidate and the designated hiring leader(s) so we can ensure that they both have the interview on their schedule – considering any time zone differences and including the best contact number for the candidate. We will confirm all scheduled interviews at least one day prior to the actual interview date. Based on client preference, our recruiters will assist candidates in their preparation for the interview.
  • Conduct Interview Debriefs
    Upon the completion of each interview, the Sky Search Partner recruiter conducts a full interview debrief call with the candidate. We utilize a standard series of questions to evaluate the outcome of the interview to include the interest of the candidate, concerns, open-ended questions, and next steps. This information is captured in a summary format and shared electronically with our client in a timely fashion.
  • Complete References
    Once our client has narrowed the selection down to the top few candidates, the recruiter will complete reference checks as appropriate. Sky Search Partners has developed a series of tools designed to get the best and most accurate feedback about the candidates. One of those tools includes a Licker scale series of attributes that align with the perfect profile of the position – again customizing our near-final step of this search process. Once all references are completed, we will present a complete Reference Report which will include a summary of the feedback and quotes shared about the candidate. If several candidates are being referenced checked, we will compile a grid for our clients to allow them to compare responses on the candidates.

Sealing the Deal

  • Extend Offer
    As a true extension of our client firms, Sky Search Partners will frequently take the lead in making the formal offer to the candidate. Working directly with our client, we will manage any negotiations necessary to secure the position acceptance to close the search. Some clients prefer to extend formal offers directly to our candidates. Our goal as a professional recruiting firm is to respect individual clients’ preferences.
  • Follow Up with Candidates
    The recruiters at Sky Search Partners develops a relationship with our clients and candidates that extends well beyond the search and placement phase. We stay connected with our candidates for at least a year beyond their placement. Many of our clients have appreciated these regular check-ins and continued feedback. We love hearing about individual and joint successes and pride ourselves on being part of the team that created such a positive and powerful win/win outcome and experience. Evidence of how powerful relationship can and should be are found in our testimonials.

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