We deliver the right talent at the right time.

Through our flexible recruitment solutions, we enable you to tap into exceptional passive talent – executives not actively looking for a job. Our secret is an old-school approach that’s taken years to craft and, quite simply, is highly effective.

Each team member casts a net wide and deep to find the best of the best for our clients. The identification phase starts with the initial onboarding discussion with the client and continues until the placement is completed to the satisfaction of the client and candidate. We understand and appreciate the sense of urgency that most of our clients express to us. We will customize the search to your needs with one of our three recruitment solutions. Our goal is to present you with candidates as quickly as possible.

Priority One

This is our retainer-based package, typically best suited for situations that require urgency and the utmost confidentiality when searching for key strategic leadership.

Sky Flex Plus: Our Most Popular

The most flexible package we offer let’s you customize how you work with us based on timing, budget, your available internal resources, and type of placement.

Gap Support Pro

Solutions with a range of options, from “holding things together” while you’re filling a key role, to temporary “horsepower” to muscle through a strategic project. We’ve got you covered. 

Let's Talk

Schedule your 15-minute, no-obligation strategy call and we'll share at least 3 proven tips for finding the best talent match for your team.