Sky Search Partners President Featured on Talent Talk Radio

Chris Dyer from PeopleG2 as he interviewed Rick Cassidy about leadership and talent development.

Rick Cassidy, the President of Sky Search Partners, shares his vision for the company and how this vision is carried out. He also talks about how his company successfully finds the right candidates, which will help companies create high-performance teams. Karen Rausch, the Vice President of Human Resources for the Phoenix Suns talks about the challenges of managing the HR functions of a major sports team, as well as what companies need to do to ensure a good balance of diversity and inclusiveness.

About Sky Search Partners

Rick Cassidy, Sky Search Partners president, founded the firm for one primary reason: We love putting people to work. Sky Search Partners has developed a rigorous platform for engaging, researching, and connecting with the most successful executive talent. The firm executes with a laser focus on to identify candidates precisely aligned to search specifications. A proven formula of integrity and “people first” enables it to build trusted relationships with organizations and top-tier talent across key disciplines, job titles, national markets, and industry classes. This enables client organizations to create their “dream team,” especially in highly competitive environments where results are imperative.

Listen Now to Talent Talk Radio Show

Listen now to Sky Search Partners President, Rick Cassidy, as he talks about finding the right talent for new consumer-centric strategies in healthcare.

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